An easy way to analyze and set alert on JSON Document using SQL

JSONPublish helps you to store your json document, query in sql term, and set alert on specific event.

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Start query and publish your JSON document to SQL and API in 3 minutes

  1. Login
  2. Create new Collection
  3. Create new collection is simple. Select name that you like. That's it.

  4. Create new API Key (Coming Soon)
  5. API Key over HTTPS will be good to secure your data transmission. Create new API Key in Settings page after login.

  6. Push your JSON document
  7. We support language agnostic. We just need HTTP Request:

    Method: POST
    Request: JSON Document
  8. Start query your data
  9. Once your data pushed to our service, they are ready to query. We support SELECT operator

  10. Publish your query as API
  11. Want to share value of your data as API? We got you! Publish your saved query as API to be consumed by your or your customer